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  • Pradaxa (Dabigatran) is used to prevent blood clots and harmful strokes in your lungs or legs if you have a certain type of heart rhythm disorder (atrial fibrillation). It is basically an anticoagulant that works by blocking the activity of clotting substance (clotting protein called thrombin) in blood. Dabigatran is used for treating blood clots in veins of the legs (the condition is called deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (the condition is called pulmonary embolism) and prevents them from occurring again.

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    When should I avoid using Pradaxa?

    You should strictly avoid taking Pradaxa in the following cases:

    • active bleeding from a surgery, injury, or other causes
    • an artificial heart valve
    • any genetic spinal defect or spinal catheter in place
    • recently taken spinal anesthesia or had a spinal tap
    • you are taking an NSAID (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
    • you are already taking any other drug to prevent blood clot
    • you have kidney disease
    • you have stomach ulcers or there is bleeding in intestines or stomach
    Side Effects of Pradaxa

    If you see any signs of allergic reaction to dabigatran like hives, wheezing, difficulty in breathing, swelling of face or throat, chest pain or symptoms of a blood clot around spinal cord like numbness, back pain, loss of bladder, bowel control, then you shall immediately seek medical help. Also, consider consulting your doctor if you seeany of these symptoms- headache, weakness, dizziness, unusual bleeding, easy bruising, red or purple spots under your skin, blood in urine, tarry stools, brown vomiting or cough with blood, heavy menstrual bleeding.


    (Note: This is not the complete list of all the possible side effects. If any other unusual effects occur, you shall immediately notify your doctor about the same.)

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