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  • Janumet is a combination of two medications: metformin and sitagliptin. Both of these medications are used for oral diabetes patients to control blood sugar levels.

    Metformin decreases glucose production in the liver and also decreases glucose absorption by intestines. Sitagliptin regulates the level of insulin that the body produces after eating. This medicine is used with routine diet and exercise to improve blood sugar level in adults with type-2 diabetes (mellitus).

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    When should I avoid using Janumet?

     Do not use Janumet if you have any severe kidney disease or diabetic ketoacidosis.

    Side Effects of Janumet

    The most common side effect of Janumet that may occur is Lactic Acidosis. The rare side effects of metformin and sitagliptin includes blurred vision, cold sweats, depression, dizziness, headache, fast heartbeat, loss of consciousness, nausea, nightmares, seizures, slurred speech, unusual weakness, shakiness, unclear thinking, nightmares, mental cloudiness, pale skin, confusion, decreased appetite, headache, shallow or fast breathing, muscle pain or cramps, stomach disorder, and sleepiness. In any of such uncommon or rare cases, take the immediate advice of your doctor.

    (Note: This is not the complete list of all the possible side effects. If any other unusual effects occur, you shall immediately notify your doctor about the same.)

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