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  • Jardiance (empagliflozin) is a medication used to control blood sugar level in case of oral diabetes. Empagliflozin helps kidneys get rid of glucose by increasing the amount of sugar the body excretes through urine. It is used for treating patients suffering from type-2 diabetes as a part of their therapeutic routine along with regular diet and exercise.

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    When should I avoid taking Jardiance?

    You should strictly avoid using Jardiance if you have any severe kidney disease or if you have diabetic ketoacidosis or if you are on dialysis. Also, note that Jardiance is not for type-1 diabetes.

    Side Effects of Jardiance

    The most common side effect that Jardiance may cause is urinary tract infection. Moreover, other unusual side effects like vulvovaginal candidiasis, genital candidiasis, cervicitis, vaginal infection, vulvovaginitis, vulvitis, and genitourinary infection may occur.

    In case of signs like bladder pain, change in odor or color of vaginal discharge, persistent urge for urination, bloody urine, painful sensation while urinating, itching or redness in vaginal areas, itching or redness around penis, pain during sexual intercourse, back pain, discharge with a strong odor from penis, increased volume of pale urine, blurred vision, anxiety, cold sweats, fast heartbeat, nausea, and uneasiness in breathing, you need immediate medical attention.

    (Note: This is not the complete list of all the possible side effects. If any other unusual effects occur, you shall immediately notify your doctor about the same.)

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